Quality Assurance

The quality of our fabrics


o achieve a quality cloth in the worsted trade one must abide by the centuries old laws that exist in the industry. Whilst the evolution of machinery has allowed finer products to be spun, woven, and finished this was only made possible by the evolution in wool growing which resulted in finer micron wool being produced. Every piece is added into our quality system with every fault coded to establish a permanent record and complete our quality circle for improvement.



he work of the inspector is criticism, and calls for high ability as well as discretion An inspector must be studious of the design and qualities of yarn. With textile materials pefection is the object in every deparment, and each process has its own quality standards and methods of monitoring the production.

However it would be unreasonable to expect all pieces to be made fault free. Any faults that cannot be fixed are marked with strings in the selvedge and an allowance will be credited to the customer. For every piece manufactured there is a fault report, and these reports help deparment managers to review their progress on quality issues and make the changes necessary to remedy faults quickly